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AUSTRIA - Art, Architecture and Music Tour
Sample 12-Day Program

Program Summary:

View both the special character of the Tyrol countryside and Vienna, the former center of the Habsburg Empire. Visit the monumental palaces, abbeys, churches, and royal art collections that were the centerpieces of an empire that traced its heritage to Charlemagne and was, at one time, the greatest domain in Europe. Talk about the glorious end to that empire at the turn of the century. It is a period that has been called the "colorful sunset" and the "gay apocalypse." Out of that collapse there developed the hothouse of exciting ideas and creations that led to the modern era. In Austria, Freud's psychology, Schönberg's new music, Wittgenstein's philosophy, the paintings of Klimt and Schiele, and the modern architecture of Wagner and Loos all interacted to define our century. We will see all of this and attend musical concerts, masses and performances in all of the towns and cities we visit.

  Day One    

Depart U.S.A. for Innsbruck, Austria.


  Day Two   Innsbruck

Explore the historic city of Innsbruck. One of the most charming of all Tyrol towns and also an area of great historical importance, Innsbruck is located at the access point to the Brenner Pass. Innsbruck was the historical cross roads for voyages from Berlin to Rome and between Vienna, Paris, and Constantinople. Enjoy a walking tour of this historic city. We will visit the medieval Rathaus (town hall) with its ancient tower that has become the symbol of Innsbruck.

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