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Architecture and Literature (ALX-004CI)
Circle of Interest Fare: $185 per person

Architecture has been used to house literature for centuries. Some great libraries have now succumbed to the wrath of Mother Nature or the ravages of men at war, but the need to create edifices to house great works of writing and prose continues. Lisa Hahn will make the connection for you and help link great works on paper and great works in stone.

Host: Lisa Hahn is President and Founder of Art Horizons International, a special interest tour company that promotes the arts with unique educational travel programs and study tours focusing on art, architecture, and the performing arts. After studying Classical Archaeology at Princeton University and the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, Lisa attended New York University's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. She studied acting and directing with Joseph Chaikin, founder of The Open Theatre, and playwriting with Jean Claude van Itallie. She is a Trustee of SUNY New Paltz and is on the board of The Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art. In addition to her responsibilities at Art Horizons International, she personally conducts art and cultural tours around the world.

On board: On September 9, join Lisa for a welcome reception and meet your fellow Circle of Interest guests. In the morning of September 10, Lisa will present a private lecture titled "Libraries: New Forms for Ancient Ideas." This lecture will cover the idea of the library today as the new temple of culture and communication. Great and innovative architects are designing and building new libraries all over the United States, replacing the traditional community centers. Seattle and Minneapolis are two new examples where innovative architects have blended art and architecture to create new libraries that function in a different way from the traditional ways of the past. We will also discuss the inspiration behind Sn°hetta's new library of Alexandria and how a contemporary architecture firm in Norway came to embody the spirit of this ancient library. On the evening of September 19 at a private group dinner, Lisa will facilitate a discussion on partnerships and alliances being made in the today's art world. Some partnerships are beneficial to all parties and some are not. What are the issues involved in the partnership between the Louvre and Abu Dubai as well as between the Guggenheim and Dubai?

On shore: From the port of Alexandria on September 15, we will head to the Alexandria Library Museum, a major cultural center on the shores of the Mediterranean. The complex is both a commemoration of the Library at Alexandria, lost in antiquity, and an attempt to rekindle the brilliance that this earlier center of study and erudition represented. Sn°hetta, a Norwegian architectural office, won the architectural competition organized by UNESCO in 1988 to choose a design worth of the site and its heritage, and the building was completed in 2002. The dimensions of the project are vast: the library has shelf space for eight million books, and the main reading room covers 750,000 square feet on eleven cascading levels. The complex also houses a conference center, specialized libraries for the blind and children, three museums, four art galleries, a planetarium, and a manuscript restoration laboratory. The library's architecture is equally striking; the main reading room stands beneath a 105-foot-high glass-paneled roof, tilted out toward the sea like a sundial, and measuring some 525 feet in diameter. The walls are of gray Aswan granite, carved with characters from 120 different scripts. We will tour the Library of Alexandria with one of the principles involved in the construction of this massive new building.

Please note: Guests should be able to walk over uneven and cobbled surfaces. The pace will be leisurely with stops but will be maintained so as not to miss any of the sights. This tour is not recommend for anyone other then the physically fit.

Terms & Conditions
This Circle of Interest must be pre-purchased and is not included in the regular tour program. Contact your travel consultant or RSSC Reservations at 800.285.1835 to purchase. You may also check upon embarkation to see if space is still available on this limited, exclusive program. A 100% cancellation penalty applies to Circles of Interest programs cancelled within 60 days of departure.

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